WRS Construction not only offers residential service but commercial as well, everything from remodeling to new construction for your business.   WRS is your full service commercial contractor with crews specializing in all aspects of construction from foundations to roofing and everything in between.

City of Davenport Projects:

  • Fire station – Chiefs Office Remodel
  • Littig House Roof Cedar Shaks
  • Public Works – IT Office Remodel
  • Cork Hill Spray Park
  • Antonio LeClaire House Remodel
  • Credit Island Lodge Remodel
  • Duck Creek and Emies Clubhouse ADA Doors
  • Northwest Park Pavilion
  • Emeis Outing Shelter

Other Commercial projects

  • Tommy’s Cafe New Addition
  • Miss Mamies Remodel and Roof
  • Mo Bradys Remodel
  • DaVinchis Build out
  • Tailgators Build out
  • Newmyer Chiropractic Build out
  • Purgatory’s Build out
  • 3rd St Bar and Grill
  • Dr Maves Office Build out
  • Dairy Sweet
  • Country Living Kennels Remodel and Addition

Samples of Our Work